Motor Vehicle Crash with Entrapment

Friday, September 13, 2013 20:17 Farmington Fire and Victor Farmington Volunteer Ambulance Corp were toned out for a two vehicle crash at State Route 96 and County Road #8. A further update by a Sheriff Deputy reported entrapment.  801 & 803 arrived on scene and confirmed one person trapped.  Rescue pumpers 811 & 812 responded . The extrication was completed within 10 minutes with VFVAC transporting 3 patients.  Also assisting at the scene; Ontario County Sheriffs Office and Farmington Fire Police.  Units were back in service at 21:12



Oil Spill

Thursday, September 5, 2013 13:02 As Farmington Fire was finishing up at the scene of a minor vehicle crash, the tones were dropped for a refuse truck leaking fluid in the Doe Haven residential development. Responding were 803, Rescue Pumpers 812 & 811 and Rescue 871.  811 on location reported a small trail of Hydraulic fluid throughout the neighborhood,  803 further reported a large spill of at least 50 gallons under a refuse truck and trailing down Hanover Road for about 250'.  Car 1, NYSDEC, and Farmington Highway were requested to respond.  Speedy dry and stone dust were applied by Farmington Town Highway Dept and the area cleaned up under the supervision of NYSDED spill response manager.  Victor Fire stood-by for Farmington.  Units called back in service at 14:30.

Along with this call Farmington responded to a minor MVA, CO detector activation and mutual-aid to Macedon for a possible chimney fire all with a 2 1/2 hour period.



Fork Lift Fire

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 03:18 M.A.B.A.S. was activated for a fork lift fire inside a large warehouse facility on County Road #8, in Farmington's district.  Farmington 803 and Victor 270 arrived on scene with employee reports of the fire knocked down with a haze of smoke in the structure.  Upon further investigation the assignment was reduced to Engine 832 and Ladder 2781.  A  small oil fire was extinguished on the engine and the unit was towed outside.

Units called back in service at 04:10.



New Radio System

Tuesday, August 27, 2013  Farmington is now utilizing  the Ontario County 700MHZ radio system.  All radio equipment - stations, mobile and portable are installed and operational.  The county 911 center should be fully functional along with UHF dispatching by October 9th, 2013.



New Chief's Vehicle

Monday, August 26, 2013  Our new Chief's vehicle replaces our 10 year old used Tahoe.  Final Cost after outfitting was just over $40,000. Includes a command center utilizing the county's new 700 radio system



Crash with Entrapment

Sunday, August 25, 2013 11:56 Farmington Fire and Victor Farmington Volunteer Ambulance Corp were dispatched to County Road #8 and Allen Padgham Road for a two car crash with entrapment.  80 and Rescue Pumper 811 arrived on scene and confirmed one entrapment. One door was "popped" and the occupant was packaged by VFVAC with minor injuries. 

Also responding were Rescue Pumper 812, Farmington Fire Police and the Ontario County Sheriff's office.



Fire Alarms Activaed

Sunday, August 25, 2013 01:14 Farmington Fire was toned out for fire alarms activated in a Saratoga Crossing Town Home complex.  Pumper Tanker 832 responded with a full crew and upon arrival was met by neighbors reporting alarms going off in a next door home.   832 crew investigated by conducting a 360 degree finding nothing visible and requested a sheriff deputy, as force able entry was being considered.  After raising a ladder to a 2nd floor window, a firefighter  encountered a heavy smell of smoke.  Forced entry was made at the front door and smoke was encountered. 832 then requested a response from Victor Fire to the scene.  Interior crews found  a pan burning on the stove and primary search found a lone adult occupant who became verbally combative and would not leave the structure.  Sheriff Deputies removed the occupant and the structure was ventilated.  The occupant refused a check over by Victor Farmington Volunteer Ambulance Corp. 

Farmington called back at responding units - Farmington 807, Engine 832 Vitor 270, 2701,2702,



Wires Down

Thursday, August 22, 2013 15:23 As a thunderstorm pasted over the area, Farmington Fire was dispatched for a brush fire in the area of Cline and Brownsville Roads.  801 arrived on scene and reported primary lines down and burning.  RG&E was requested to the scene, while fire police and the crew from Pumper Tanker 832 secured the area.  Farmington called back in service at 16:45.



Mutual Aid to Shortsville

Thursday, August 22, 2013 10:15 A 5" gas main along E. Main Street in Shortsville was hot and severed by a village D.P.W. backhoe.  This required  the evacuation of a village neighborhood block.  Shortsville command requested a full response form Manchester, a pumper from Clifton Springs to the scene and one pumper from Farmington to cover both the villages of Shortsville and Manchester.  Farmington was then requested to the scene for manpower and to assist with water supply.  It took gas crews from NYSEG about 3.5 hours to splice in a 2" diversion line and control the leak.  Farmington called back in service at 15:00.  Victor Fie stood-by in their quarters for Farmington.



Carnival Thank You

Tuesday, August 6, 2013  Thank you to all who helped make our 65th annual fundraiser carnival such a success! It takes a whole community to pull this off and everyone stepped up and worked like crazy.

We're already planning for 2014! Tentatively, we're set for July 31st, August 1st and 2nd.  Our Saturday theme will be PIRATES! Come back and enjoy or hospitality in "The biggest happnin' in the littlest place!"

Special thanks to the following organizations and vendors:

Bowe Farms

Sadler Family

Wades Supermarket

Farmington Highway and Parks Department

Farmington Town Officials

New York State Police

Ontario County Sheriff's Office

Bristol Fire Department

Macedon Fire Department and Ambulance

Shortsville Fire Department

Victor Fire Department

Victor-Farmington Ambulance

Egypt Fire Department

BSA Troop 50

BSA Pack 50

BSA Troop 32

Koch Containers

Ingleside Machine

Best Buy

Gypsum Systems Interiors

Tambe Electric


Home Depot Victor

Stickney Agency

Walter J. Deck, DMD



Osman's Tailoring/Dry Cleaning

BJ's Club of Victor

Ewing Graphics

VanBortel Group

Kevin Doran

Farmington Service

Joe's Appliance

Target of Victor


O'Connell Electric

Our nearby fire departments and ambulances for fill-ins AND...everyone who helped in any way throughout the entire week!


Carnival/Parade Committee Chairman,

Scott Parker



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